Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Flashlight as an input

First test with flashlight triggering video loops. In such a small scale it doesn't really make sense. In room-scale it will be ok and probably best with sounds only. Even with several users with flash lights, triggering sounds when hitting to the sensor. Horror applicarions are obvious ;-) But perhaps also more subtle things, searching with light, memory, attic, archeology... peeling layers of media with light... digging deeper when holding light in one spot...

flashlight movie

The light controls also the framerate, brighter the faster. Wwhen light moves away from the sensor, the image blurs and fades out. Second sensor triggers different loops, which does not really show in this video.

This would also be interesting in nature, woods, in big area. Playing sensors in trees at night, triggering soundscapes ... Blair Glitch project... well... bit sleep at this point perhaps.

Tomorrow to London.