Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bits and pieces, avoiding the real issue

Yesterday my ultrasound rangers arrived. In one day, nice delivery. SRF04 from Robot Electronics , £14.30 a piece. Made a few experiments, worked well. I got even some life to my servos & stepper motor with it.
At some point I try to see if I can keep video camera, fitted on moving head with stepper motor, tracked on a moving object in front of it. Not sure if it's useful. Tracking a person in a room definitely is.

ultrasound ranger controlling servo

I'm still avoiding the hard work with bringing all my new physical computing skills in service of the thematic structure I work with, controlled, commercial, paranoid space, that is. Playing with electronics is a useful excuse not to jump there yet.

All work and no fun makes Tuomo a dull boy.... I have started to talk with myself. In big and empty flat. Soon it's snowing...