Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Moving cam prototype

Smallish success. I got the stepper motor controlled video camera to turn according to the movement seen on that camera. At this point it just turns the camera to the direction where dark area is detected. I'll post the patches soon here.

The prototype stand was yet-another-el-cheapo solution. Vhs-cassette box as the base fitted with a cheap unipolar stepper motor. Simple iron angle fit perfectly in the clip holder in the cam and I found that the metal tube inside basic electrical wire terminal block (size 30amp) fits perfectly to the motor shaft and has the fastening screws with it! I use basic stamp for controlling the motor but cheap pic would be just as good.

The Fire-i cam is quite small and nice for this except the firewire cable is quite heavy to turn with the motor. Usb webcam with lighter usb cable would be lighter but the raw firewire signal for jitter is very nice and without the lag from dv-decoding. Bit cheaper than iSight as well, which actually has lighter firewire cable, have to check that.

Patches here: (Max/Jitter+cv.jit & basic stamp 2sx)

cam view movie
prototype movie