Thursday, December 23, 2004

That's it. I'm done.

It was my fastest three months and it took ages! I started plenty of things and finished none, just as planned. Progress? yes in all of the areas I was working on. Still, most significant thing was nothing planned. The project we started with Dan which seems to have a healthy kick-start and which will bring me back to UK and hopefully Dan to FIN.

I spent all my money, damaged most of brain cells and learned the art of gambling in a gentleman manner. Thank you England. God save the Queen and the Kleptones.


Nice home coming, the airport was closed for a while for a heavy snow storm, my luggage was left in Brussels, our front door was frozen so tight that we broke the hinges when breaking in. When we got safely inside the storm cut the electricity several times. God I love Finland. Now I'll hibernate with some vintage red wine and quality delicatessen.